Mother and baby groups for postnatal wellbeing and postnatal support in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire & surrounding areas.

Mother and baby circle

This is your space, your time, but your baby is most welcome to come to these sessions with you.

It’s a time to stop, connect and be present. We often focus so much on pregnancy and birth that we forget that we will actually have a baby on the other side of it! For that reason, many of us can feel overwhelmed and underprepared for motherhood. Sharing that journey with others is crucial. Knowing that you’re not the only one struggling with feeding, or sleep (or both!) and importantly, what you can do about it, can be life-changing. You will find space in these mother and baby group circles to share, honestly and openly (as much or as little as you want).

The space is gentle and compassionate, without judgment or guilt. The struggles are shared, but so are the joys. During the sessions, I guide you through a specific topic of interest, which can range from coping mechanisms for first-time mums, to juggling siblings, to balancing work commitments. There is always time to check in with each person to discuss how you are feeling physically and emotionally. We finish the session with a mindful, guided relaxation.

New block of classes starting January 2022 (local to Tetbury). Get in touch for more details. I’d love to hear from you.