Mother and baby groups, postnatal support and pregnancy wellbeing groups in Tetbury, Wiltshire and beyond.

Alongside my hypnobirthing and antenatal classes I run pregnancy circles and postnatal support groups, where babies are most welcome. In these circles I hold a safe space for you and your baby to join with other mums. Here you are seen, heard and understood.    

We sometimes feel guilty about asking for help, meeting our own needs and about feeling that you still want to be ‘you’, as well as a mother. Many mums put themselves at the bottom of the list when it comes to self-care. These post-natal wellbeing and pregnancy groups are a time to connect with yourself, your baby and other mums. Here you have dedicated time out to be present, relax your mind and talk about what really matters to you as a mother.  

In circles you have a safe space with other mums to explore and release your emotions around pregnancy, birth and motherhood. The circles are based on openness and honesty. Together we share, build in confidence and rediscover our sense of self. With my guidance, we talk about the highs and lows of pregnancy and motherhood, how it has changed your perceptions, how it has affected your relationships, the challenges of balancing work and the many, many joys too. Often it can be much easier to share with those who you don’t yet know – many mums find themselves talking about things they hadn’t opened up about before and often this is because others are experiencing something similar too. Many become good friends. 


Experiencing pregnancy, birth and motherhood in ordinary times is tough and can be overwhelming. Experiencing pregnancy, birth and motherhood during a pandemic is extraordinarily hard. I have experienced it myself. The close family members and friends you would have turned to have been unable to support you in the ways you needed. It has been incredibly isolating for mums, especially those who have experienced challenging pregnancies, birthed alone or have found it much harder than usual to meet new mum friends to share their experiences. Circles are more important now than ever.