Hypnobirthing courses, antenatal classes, and postnatal support groups in Gloucestershire & Wiltshire.

Hi. I’m Melissa and I’m delighted you found your way here…  

I help to guide and support mothers and babies through pregnancy, birth and beyond. I do this through teaching my full antenatal hypnobirthing course to pregnant mums (and their birth partners) and through my circles. These include mother and baby postnatal support groups as well as birth preparation and relaxation groups and classes. Here, I hold safe spaces for pregnant mums and postnatal mums, with their babies.    

I’m mum to Claude (born 2018) and Alba (born 2020) and married to husband Julian. We live in the beautiful Cotswold town of Tetbury in Gloucestershire. I really love yoga and growing vegetables but haven’t mastered either… yet! 


Having been a lawyer for the last 12 years, I decided to retrain as a hypnobirthing instructor after having our two children (both of whom are hypnobirthing babies). Why? Because of George. We experienced the devastating loss of our first baby boy at 19 weeks in 2016. The circumstances meant that I gave birth without having the time or space to understand what was happening and I was completely unprepared for birth. When I then fell pregnant with Claude I knew that I needed some support to help change the negative associations I had with birth and how I felt about my body’s ability to birth a healthy baby, safely. By the end of the course I felt calm, confident and was genuinely looking forward to Claude’s birth. The difference was incredible and it felt amazing. It was part of the healing process for me.

Through my hypnobirthing classes I teach mums-to-be and their birth partners how to feel empowered, calm and confident during pregnancy and birth. My own experiences mean that I understand pregnancy and birth is not always straightforward nor is it always the journey you had perhaps imagined. There is no judgment in my teaching. Hospital birth, home birth and everything in between (with or without pain relief) is very much supported and crucially, your choice. I am here to ensure you know what those choices are and importantly, to support you emotionally with your preparation for birth so that you can achieve a positive experience.  


And in case you were wondering… the floral detail in my logo is a herb called ‘Melissa’. Also known as lemon-balm, the leaves can be used in teas, as an oil and also as a flavouring. During the summer, small white flowers full of nectar appear, attracting bees (Melissa is Greek for “honey bee”). Its scent is fresh and uplifting. Symbolically it has meanings associated with virtue, compassion, healthy boundaries in relationships, friendships, healing and love. It is considered a protective herb, helping to promote happiness in the home. Often used as a herbal tea during pregnancy, it helps to support the digestive system (ideal in the later stages of pregnancy when space can feel a little limited!). It can also soothe and calm nerves, relieve stress and anxiety, help boost your mood and support better sleep. Sounds good, right? 

I believe very strongly in the mind body connection. I believe in the power of listening to your body and trusting your instincts. I believe in the importance of creating space to connect with your baby, to openly address any worries or anxieties you have and to prepare you and your baby emotionally as well as physically for the journey ahead. It is, after all, one you do together.